Friday, January 2, 2009

King and Queen of Christmas Breakfast

Wishful, wonderful, we had a beautiful breakfast around the Christmas tree. After everyone popped their crackers open Momma and Daddy reigned over the present chaos. We gave each child three presents to represent the gifts of the Magi to the Christ child. If that sounds stingy, think of coordinating 3X8!!!!! Plus something special for Daddy. At least 24 presents.
I was most thankful for the way they all helped each other put their gifts together and made sure each of them opened their presents from each other. Yes, there was crazy ripping, but no one showed a selfish ounce, even when there were no "I-pods", and that to me was the best present of all.

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Emily said...

I really love this idea -giving 3 gifts representing those of the Magi. Really beautiful. We had a very moderate Christmas too, but I like the symbolism with the 3. I just found your blog via Mary Jane's farm and am excited to read more. Thanks for sharing-

love, Emily