Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bird's nest naps

We spent today enjoying the sun. Everything we did revolved around the house with the suns' travel. We did our school books, cooked and read in the area of the sun. We put our seedlings out to get them ready, we played, we rode bikes.
The babies took their naps in the old Airstream. We have done it up in retro. Down to the old afghans that my Grandma made when I was young. She used some real color!!!! It's so nice in there, nestled into the trees, the branches are brushing the windows. Right now they are covered with blooms. It's a little like being in a nest. I read a great book, "A Barn in New England", while they rested.
I am so sorry that you can't see my pics. I don't know why but I am attempting to find out. How embarrasing! I will try another one, just to see. Here is a new lamb photo. We are just finding him and getting him set with his mom in the sheep jug. We now have 11 lambs. Finally had a female that is a purbred Jacob. First time in two years!!!

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